Superior Facebook Marketing for Auto Repair Shops

Facebook has quickly become an excellent source for online marketing, making it an essential tool to add to the digital marketing box. Facebook advertising (as opposed to Facebook posts) has great potential because of the detail you can include in display ads aimed at relevant users.

Social Media: Facebook Marketing & Advertising

With Facebook marketing, you can control who sees your native display ads. Every business has a unique set of customers, and with Facebook ads you can cater to yours. Below are a few examples that demonstrate what Facebook marketing can do for your business.

For example, a golf course wants to attract more local customers.

  • You can target people who like golf within X miles of the golf course.
  • If that golf course is elite, you can further advertise to customers with higher incomes.
  • If a new golf lover moves to the neighborhood, you can display an ad attempting to win their loyalty before your competition does.
  • If the course has a slow period during the day, you can run offers/coupons targeting only people available during the slow times.

With Facebook, you can focus your marketing on different members of your audience based on any of the following qualities:

  • Location - People within X miles from business
  • Spending Habits - Personal credit card sales data
  • Demographics - Age, Gender, Languages
  • Interests - Hobbies, Other Facebook page likes
  • Behaviors - Activities, Travel, Moving
  • Targeting - Target current customers, Look-a-like of current customers, or People who visited your website

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