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Craig Stob & Family

How we started...

I’ve had the privilege of working in the digital marketing space for over 12 years, along the way working with brands like AT&T, Gap, Staples, Apple, Best Western, Sephora, Target and many more.

I started as a computer programmer for a marketing agency in 2003. I moved into different departments through the years, learning a lot along the way. I’m on a mission to bring all the skills I’ve gained into the small business space at a small business price.

I’ve literally affected millions of clicks on the Internet through my career. Feel free to ask me about it, and I’ll be glad to share more of my story.

Early Days...

I created my first website in 1996, and I’ve never looked back since. My father was a computer programmer and an early adopter of the world wide web, making our house a regular hangout for my group of friends to hone our geek skills. From there, I started my journey into computers. I took every computer class available in high school, then went on to double major in business and computer science at Monmouth College.

Directly after college I started working for a digital marketing agency as a computer programmer. From 2004 to 2015 I was part of a fast-growing company in which I started out as a low-level programmer and left as the team manager of the company’s most successful product.

Why we started:

We started because we noticed that many small business marketing companies do a fair job at website development but have a large discrepancy in the quality of their digital marketing services. We offer website development, but our top priority is marketing your site.

Since it’s easy to see whether a website is good or bad based on aesthetics, this is what most companies focus on. However, they seriously neglect other billed services like search engine optimization and Google Adwords campaigns. More often than not, drawing customers to a website via online marketing is more critical to the success of the company than the website itself. At Local Jungle, we aim for goals that will impact the bottom line for any business. If a service doesn't fit your business, we won't sell it to you.

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