Display Ads & Banner Ads

You can find display ads on various types of websites (newspapers, how-to websites, blogs, etc). They’re most commonly image ads, but they can also be text, image, or rich media.

Display ads are great for building local brand awareness. They increase your company’s visibility to people in your neighborhood and allow you to display your advertisements in relevant spaces.

Display Ads

Say you own a car repair shop, and someone within five miles of your business is reading an article online about how to replace brakes for their car. This article would be a great spot for you to display an image ad for your brand inviting that reader to visit your shop.

For longer sales cycles, display ads can aid in building your brand as your prospect goes through the sales process.

For example, if someone is searching websites for brick patio ideas and you own a landscaping company, it’d be a good idea for you to advertise on the websites they’re using for brick patio ideas. Then, when that person is further down the sales cycle and searches for “hardscaping companies in X city,” and sees your company in the search results, this potential customer will already be familiar with your brand.

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