No Contracts, Only Performance!

Local Jungle only sells services that we believe will make an impact on your bottom line, and we never make you sign a contract. This means you don't have to tie your company to marketing campaigns that might or might not increase your business.

We’re confident enough in our ability to get results that we don’t feel like we need to force you to keep working with us.

Since we don’t make long-term contracts for our marketing campaigns, we can continually optimize the services we provide to best serve your company.

For example, let’s say Mike's Red Bikes hired Local Jungle for all their online marketing needs (PPC, Local SEO, Website, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, etc). After a few months we might discover that while the PPC campaign for Mike's Red Bikes isn't converting as well as we hoped, their Facebook ads are bringing in more sales than we expected.

Where other companies would have contracts that forced Mike’s to continue running the low-performing PPC campaign, at Local Jungle we could cut PPC spending and attempt to push more budget behind Facebook ads.


Local Jungle typical client ranges from $100 to $5,000 a month.

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